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June 2016. It has been 3 years already since I moved to Cambodia due to my work. I’ve been to various places and taking a lot of pictures in Cambodia.

I’ve seen people who live in opposite way from my life. People who are forced to live on a street, children playing at ditch with running water, and in the garbage pool… at the same time, I also have been interacting with people who live in more comfortable way.

Homeless people on street, students learning in rural area, startup CEOs dreaming to change the society, artists passionate about inspiring others, football players trying their best to get a championship in the league, tobacco shop owner always recommending new cigarettes, businessman coming from all over the world. While I met various people and touched various life, one big doubt was growing day by day.

What are the people living for?

Certainly, due to the spread of the internet, the world is getting closer and the development of technology has made human life richer. On the other hand, no matter how much new technology is born, depending on the environment and place of birth, it is also true that there are people who have life options and who do not. So I decided to start an experimental project.


This is a journal with a single question and portraits of the people. The subject is the people I met with somewhere in the the world regardless of the country, gender, age, religion, occupation, job title, and background.

The purpose of this project is —
To collect the Everyday people’s life stories which can’t be found in the internet.
To showcase those stories and inspire the other life in the world.   

You can not find any answer to the question ‘What is your life purpose?’ , no matter how much you search on Google, no matter how much you connected on Facebook, because the answer exists only inside of you. Originally the Internet was supposed to connect the world to create a wider world, but the real world seems going opposite.

In such kind of era, I would like to “start a journey to meet the stranger“ along with this unanswered question.

I am glad if you could find new “ikigai” through this journal along with the fact that there are so various people’s lives in the world and I hope you would feel a real world even just a little.

Shunsuke Miyatake / @casadetake

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