A young guy in Takeo

I’ve been living in Takeo province with my grandmother since I was born.

My parents passed away when I was young. My cousins and people living next to our house have been helping us everyday since then. 

I have to bring the heavy staffs here and there, go fishing with village people, cooking for my grandmother, cleaning houses, doing laundry, a lot of things to do, but what I really want to do is studying. Now I don’t have any time and any money to go to school.

Even selling the fishes we caught from very early in the morning makes 8 dollars per day. Even selling the bamboo cages makes 1.5 dollars per each.  I can’t go to school with that money and I have to take care of my grandmother. People from outside always say “such a hard life!” but I don’t think so. This is normal for me since I was born, and I’m so happy to live with my grandmother surrounded by good village people here. 

If I can go to school, I want to learn English and Sociology, What makes our society and how people work each other. Every people in this village also want to learn and study, but we don’t have money and time. I want to contribute to this village and return all what I learn for all what they contributed to my life without any reward.


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