I’m from Kandal Province. Driving TukTuk for almost 20 years.

Before TukTuk, I’d been driving Motodop for 8 years. Before Motodop, I was working as a farmer at BattamBang province with my uncle, and aunt after graduating school. 

I went to the school in the temple and studied diplomat. My mom lent our land to other people in 1989 and her sister lived in BattamBang, so we moved from Kandal to there and lived for 10 years. We helped them farming, especially made rice, and I brought heavy rice bag onto the truck everyday. Actually, it was so hard for me to move and work as a farmer, but during our stay in BattamBang, I had a small family gathering at our village to celebrate our  marriage. In communism period, we couldn’t have a wedding ceremony as now.

I have 3 kids, and living in a village near the Bassac River with my wife, son, and daughter. My daughter will get married in November this year. She studied in Indonesia and she can speak English, Khmer, and Indonesian. She is working in an IT company, and one of my son is studying still.

Driving TukTuk brought me a lot of friends from all over the world. The Australian couple, Lin and Chek, was my first foreign customer. They were supporting me to go to English school and driving school as well. Since then, I can speak English and they introduced me a lot of their friends. A guy from New Zealand brought me to his rugby match. A guy from Germany worked with me and introduced 4, 5 expats to go around Phnom Penh. 

When I was young, my life was hard, but I am living with my family and I am very happy now.

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