Fritz Hutmacher

I’m from Switzerland.

In Switzerland, we have to serve in the military service or in the community service. I chose to serve in the community service and came to Cambodia 7 months ago. 

I studied in University and my theme of Graduation thesis was “Passion”. Passion leads you to do your own things regardless of money. So, I followed my passion, and I used to work in Youth Hostel, in international school, and in government organization in Switzerland, Thailand, and here in Cambodia. But I’m still wondering in my life, like what I want to do and which way I want to go.

Have you ever heard of “Siddhaartha theory”?  Siddhaartha theory comes from literally Buddha’s life paths. He was born in the royal family in India, but he got out of his royal life after feeling uncertainty or hardships of people’s life and got into the way of seeking the truth of life. In his seeking, he met a lot of people from poor people, to the monks ad kings. 

Even Buddha, it was so hard to know the truth of life, but he kept on seeking it for whole his life and finally he achieved enlightenment. His life is “Generalist” way. On the other hand, there was one of his friends chose to live in a forest after going out from Royal Life with Buddha. He decided to live in a forest for whole his life and the way of his life is “Specialist”. 

I don’t intend to say which is good and which is bad. But I want to say either of them is true. My uncle is a good example of the generalist. He used to work in Japan as a ski instructor, after that, he started working as a pilot, then moved back to Switzerland and started his bar. After that Bar, he decided to run lodges in the mountains and now he got an offer from the ministry of tourism in Switzerland. He constantly changed his job, but he always followed his passion. His life inspires me a lot.        

I don’t know what I will do in the future, but I will wonder whole my life through meeting people and get inspired by each other.   

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