Naoto Kashimura

I think that I am a typical Japanese.

I grew up in this small island nation, As a matter of course going on to high school, I go on to university like normal, I got a job at a Japanese company like a matter of course. There was always no particular purpose or passion. I thought that was a natural rail.

I was involved in a lot of works for Product Development as a planner, I thought of doing creative as a lifetime job. I was trying to make “purpose” of my life somehow ’cause I thought I would be nothing without it.

I’ve been struggled with myself without any “Life Purpose”. Football sustained my life until when I graduate high school, but the conflict got bigger when I quitted football after going to University. So, I challenged various things. I used to work as an assistant of a stylist while I went to the University, There was a time to go to an Interior Design School and the University at the same time. But I couldn’t continue. Because I didn’t have a real passion.  

Although I am interested in creatives, I do not have the skills or ideas. To put it more, there is no passion. I often despair of it.

Just looking back on my life so far, if there is a moment of excitement, “To meet the expectations of people” and  “to meet lots of people in the process” is it.

People expect from me, leave the project, responding to that expectation, exceeding that expectation, I can get the next new “expectation”. And by touching new things throughout the process, I met new people and above all, I realized my growth.

The project in Cambodia also started because the officer of our company said that “I want to leave it to you.” and because I wanted to meet new expectations. And I wanted to see how I would be changed through this project.

For me who came to this country and only worked in one small company in Japan until then, It was a very fresh experience.

I am a representative here in Cambodia, even though I am one employee in Japan. In the land of a foreign country, I will head to the forefront. I met many people in it.

The figure that people of the same generation and younger generation has enthusiasm to build new business stimulated me a lot. The idea of their people, their way of life has had a big impact on me.

I will return to Japan soon. To participate in a new project in Japan. But it is very different from two years ago. Using the experience of overseas business?


Because I was able to have my own way of thinking and broad perspective as individuals, not as companies. And since I knew the pleasure of meeting a lot of people beyond age and nationality.

Not only “Japan” and “Japanese”, I do not care about occupation, I would like to continue to meet people’s expectations with a wider perspective, meet a lot of people and grow myself in it.

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