Laura Baker

Where are you from?

Devon, United Kingdom

What are you doing in Cambodia?

I spend my days running a startup called The Sound Initiative. This is an 18 month old, vocational training programme supporting the next generation of musical talent.

What are you most interested in / getting excited about / in your life right now? I mean “What is your passionate thing right now? What is your IKIGAI?

I am really passionate about the people in my life. I have a wonderful family. I have really incredible community of people around me everyday that I adore and a partner who is moving halfway across the world to Cambodia, so we can be together. I meet young musicians on a daily basis that are motivated – they collaborate, support each other in the spirit of continuous learning that is really inspiring.  I am also passionate about taking time to reflect, practicing forgiveness and apologizing when I make mistakes. I know that we all are struggling in our own way and some kindness costs nothing.

What is the most struggling thing in your life right now? What is your Spice of Life?

I am learning and defining what success looks like to me on my own terms. I trained as a classical singer – which instilled in me a sense of perfection as the end goal. I was never prepared to be wrong or take risks, and I have huge fears of failing. I still struggle with this – though I know perfection is unattainable. I am embracing being okay with being wrong by taking risks, experiencing failure and learning from it. I am overcoming this by first acknowledging it, and by spending time writing my own music – finding and embracing the creative process, chaotic as that may be for me. Music is now becoming a form of self-expression to me instead of a repression of emotions and something I hope to share sometime in the future.

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