Chhan Dina

Chhan Dina / Artist

I started painting since I was 13 inspired by my cousin. When I was 17, I had my first exhibition at Java Café and so many people encouraged my art. Now my art work is going around U.S. and Europe as a group exhibition. I’m so proud of expressing our country’s identity and beautiful culture through art to the world as a member of the group.

I’ve never imagined this would happen when I started painting. I really want Cambodian young generations, especially women see what is happening now in Cambodia and feel that if we try hard and focus on commitment, we can change the way how people feel.

So I am teaching kids now as a foundation of the country which keeps changing. I hope Cambodia would be a country where collaborating, working together, sharing the knowledge with the people living their life as they are.

Experience works for art. Art shows message. Everybody has something to tell, and express. My life is experience. Many things connecting my art.

Art is my life.

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