Heng Setha

Heng Setha / Street Coffee Shop Owner

A street coffee shop owner continues to serve a cup of coffee during COVID-19. He moved from his birth place, Kampong Cham province to Phnom Penh at 1982, and has been serving coffee to the local people since ‘90s.

Even during the civil war, he served a cup of coffee to the local community. He’s been there all the time since 5am in the morning till late at night everyday for more than 20 years. Most of the customers call him “Ta Jok”, means “Grandpa Jok”.

One of his customer said “I come here everyday in the morning. Whenever I come here, I can meet some friends. Ta Jok always serves us a good coffee. We come to have a good time with regulars.”

And he said, “I may not be rich. I may not be famous. But I am happy with what I do.”

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