May Kalyan

May Kalyan / Activist

Now, I’m working as an economic advisor for Cambodian government. At the same time, I am working more than 10 companies as a chairman. Sometimes with UN, IMF and other international organizations, sometimes with private sectors, academic sectors, and civic sectors. Working on how to make a safe vegetables in Cambodia? with government, local farmers, and private companies. Creating an Innovative course “Digitalized Manufacturing for Industry 4.0” for not only university students but also for professors. I am an activist. I am doing rather than talking. What I am doing here is connecting macro, micro, Mezzo(Middle in Italy). I am linking these 3 and make our ideas into reality in this society cooperating with various people from different backgrounds.

I was living like a refugee for long time in my life. I strongly realize that I can’t do anything all by myself, and I need a company. I have been team building with drawing a big picture. Along with it, I assigned different people with strong expertise. And I’ve been always trying to think from micro perspective and build it up big. I learned bit by bit through my work in the world. I am working not for money. Now I can say that, but I understand it is quite difficult to take a balance between what we have to do for money and what we want to do for our passion.

Everybody born here in this world is suffering. My passion is decreasing those sufferings of people. Looking back my youth, when I was a high school student, my parents were killed. Fortunately I could go to Japan and study with full scholarship. But I was wondering if it was okay for me to live in peace in a developed country while so many people were being killed in my country. That is soul background of my passion. In Cambodian words, we say “Arnet Protess”. That means “I am feeling sorry for my country.” I was studying Development economics in Japan. Because in ‘70s, Japan has risen competing with Western countries. So I am always thinking from economical points of view. Economy is the fruit of people’s efforts. Now, looking at the world economy, I think it’s too much. We need an economy for every people to get proper education, living spaces, and food, and not to suffer. I personally think we need a fair society not an unfair society, with people harmonizing with nature in city and suburbs. Economy, Education, Human Resources are always connected to me.

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