Olivia Hough

Olivia Hough / Creative Nurturer

I used to feel a bit of shame that I didn’t have one ‘thing’. Some people have one career trajectory or pathway they are passionate about and working towards in their lives, and I don’t feel I’ve ever known what that is for me.

But then I decided that it’s okay to have lots of ‘things’ across a range of interests, and that works really well for me. Another way of looking at it, is that I’ve been lucky to find a few things that give me a sense of fulfillment. So I see my ikigai cutting across balancing my hobbies, side projects, and full time work. The combination of all of these creates an ikigai life that I find energizing and inspiring.

In my work at Impact Hub, we are supporting entrepreneurs who want to change the world. I love the people I get to work with. I get to lead a young, energized and happy team. I want to create a working environment where people feel safe, supported, and happy. I love feeling like the ‘big sister’ to people who will achieve amazing things.

Around my work, my other passions are arts/crafts, and psychological well being. I get a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment through being creative and making things for others, and I do this through a t-shirt embroidery project. My other pastime is running workshops called ‘The Happiness Project’ where we make art and talk about different aspects of positive psychology and wellbeing, in a fun, informal way.

I want to help others understand their wellbeing better and lead more emotionally resilient and contented lives.

These different actions, activities and communities fill up my ikigai in different ways, and it’s the balance of them all that creates a life I feel proud of. Like a polyculture ikigai!

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